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Flexible Scalability

Dial more numbers and manage multiple calls simultaneously, eliminating concerns about attrition, hiring, or training.

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Lower Costs

Save significantly with our solution—3 to 10 times cheaper than traditional human labor.

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Complete Autonomy

Zero human input required. Fully automated calls and follow-ups with seamless CRM, SMS, calendar, and email integrations.

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Consistent Performance

Enjoy reproducible results with less variability than human-operated systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call Fusion is a solution offering AI-powered agents primarily for automating outbound calls. These AI agents are versatile, handling tasks like cold calling, appointment scheduling, follow-up communications, and more. Future expansions will include inbound call support and more diverse functionalities.

Absolutely! Call Fusion is designed to integrate smoothly with your current CRM system, ensuring a seamless blend of AI efficiency with your established business processes and customer data management.

We offer extensive customization options when it comes to the AI agents. You can tailor everything from the agent's voice and dialogue script to their simulated personality, ensuring a personalized and brand-aligned interaction with your clients.

Call Fusion, focusing on B2B communications, operates fully within legal boundaries and differs significantly from traditional robocalling. It's designed to respect and comply with all relevant regulations, especially when engaging with clients who have already expressed interest or subscribed to your services.

Yes, our AI agent can automate follow-up calls, ensuring a consistent and thorough communication process with your clients. This automation helps in maintaining engagement and timely responses.

Currently, our AI technology is capable of making up to 100 calls simultaneously. This high level of parallel processing allows for significant scalability in your outreach efforts, with plans to further increase this capability as we expand.

We charge $0.30 per minute of actual talk time on calls. This means you're billed solely for the time spent in conversation, with no charges for unanswered calls or voicemails.

Absolutely! The current demo version is just our starting point. We are actively working to enhance its performance, focusing on reducing latency and refining the AI to deliver an experience that closely mimics human interaction. Expect continuous improvements aimed at achieving the most realistic and seamless communication possible.